Jarrett Juno Ranch
Since 1918
Juno, Tx.
Texas Nature Tourism & Hunting east of the Pecos
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Val Verde County of Texas, Trans Pecos Region

of the Edwards Plateau

UnPlug & ReEnergize at the JJR


The Jarrett Juno Ranch (JJR) is a hidden jewel on the eastern edge of the Trans Pecos Desert Region & the southwest edge of Edwards Plateau in Northern Val Verde County. This ranch offers unique recreational opportunities in a spectacular setting of the “Juno Hills”. The land on this 9,000 acre ranch falls from grassy upland areas through rugged hard-wood canyons to the mesquite-wooded mile wide 'Devils Canyon' which passes through the ranch.  

The Jarrett Juno Ranch is a working ranch accessible by Texas Hwy.163. We are around 50 miles south of Ozona, 60 miles southwest of Sonora, and about 60 miles north of Del Rio. Airport facilities could be available at all three locations. The small runway on the ranch might accommodate your personal plane. Two key 'major' airports are in San Antonio & Austin. We are about 4 hours from Austin,Tx. & around 3 hours from San Antonio. Other cities; El Paso, San Angelo, Midland could also provide airport options.

Val Verde County was organized by the Texas Legislature in 1885 and is one of the largest counties in Texas and the only one named for a Civil War battle. Through the late 1800's and early 1900's this county was dominated by the railroad and ranching. Water resources of this future county provided necessities supporting the San Antonio-El Paso Road (roughly over 500 miles through the driest parts of Texas). By linking El Paso to the rest of Texas, Val Verde played a role in establishing the state's boundaries in that distinctive Texas shape.

Val Verde Co.'s recorded history goes back long before 1885. Ancient nomads traveled and lived along the numerous canyons. The ranch is located near two significant natural formations; the Devils River and Pecos River and the man made formation of Lake Amistad. Outdoor enthusiasts could spend hours in any one of the Jarrett Juno Ranch canyons, vistas and plateaus exploring, biking, birding and hunting. Come visit by appointment to see for your self. Clean air, no light pollution and benchmark water quality for state of Texas! The ranch is as historically rich as it is biologically diverse.

 Welcome to the Jarrett Juno Ranch!


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Jarrett Juno Ranch
Ph: 512.785.7968
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