Jarrett Juno Ranch
Since 1918
Juno, Tx.
Texas Nature Tourism & Hunting east of the Pecos

Nature Tourism

in the “Juno Hills”

Sunrises & Serenity, Solitude & Sunsets



A Destination on the Sonora Loop, Heart of Texas West Wildlife Trail
by appointment only


The Jarrett Juno Ranch (JJR) is a hidden jewel on the eastern edge of the Trans Pecos Desert of west Texas. This ranch is not exactly on the way to anywhere which makes for a great nature experience; clean air, clean water, clear skies with little to zero light pollution. The big skies, sweeping vistas and infinite horizons of the “Juno Hills” are truly awe inspiring. Revitalize and rejuvenate by reconnecting with mother nature through an all-encompassing nature tourism adventure. Guests of the JJR can explore over 9,000 acres of pristine canyons and desert hills.  Expansive nature tourism offerings include: bird watching, stargazing, photography, hiking and hunting. One distinct aspect to a JJR experience is that every guest designs a customized adventure tailored to their nature tourism specifications. No two guests experiences are exactly alike, but all guests end their adventure by planning their next one!

Call and design your Jarrett Juno Ranch (JJR) experience. We can't wait to share it with you.


What is Nature Tourism?

The six dimensions of nature tourists; education and history, social, relaxation, nature, economic/wkend, camping. A nature tourist wants to be involved. They are not passive observers. Attracted to wilderness-undisturbed areas, birds, flora/fauna, wildlife, rural areas. They travel to experience Natural Phenomena (meaning - an observable event which is not man-made), learn about nature, physically active, meet people with similar interests (key word is similar). The Jarrett Juno Ranch belongs to; Non-consumptive/Active which would be mountain biking & hiking and Non-consumptive Passive which would be our bird watching (birding), photography, general tours through pastures, nature study, guided day tours and learning sessions.  Specific learning and educational topics relevant to the ranch could be prescribed burning, habitat management, rotational grazing, riparian and watershed relative to the Devils River, water rights, geology, early settlers, land fragmentation and getting kids outdoors.


Looking to get away from the Texas Urban Triangle of Austin-Dallas-Houston-San Antonio?
The Jarrett Juno Ranch could be the perfect answer!

Projections have 33.7 million people living in four principal metro areas in Texas; Austin-Dallas-Houston-San Antonio which is a 120% increase. The 'Texas Urban Triangle' is 58,410 square miles with the longest distances; 362 miles N-S & 315 miles E-W.

In the past 15 years Texas has grown from 19 million people to 26 million with a loss of around 1 million acres of farm-ranch-forest land. Our population is trending/headed to 40 million by the year 2030. And since 2009 & 2010 land purchases in Texas have sky rocked from 905,000 acres to almost 1,5000,000 in 2014. Some of these purchases are modest getaways and others are sprawling cattle ranches. How does this equate to Nature Tourism? Answer: not everybody is opening their farm or ranch gate to visitors. This growth equates to the state losing more open spaces than any other state and if you are a newcomer to the state read below about why so little public land exists in Texas. While this might drive up land prices, it also decreases the opportunities for people seeking to get out doors and enjoy vast open spaces. This web site for the Jarrett Juno Ranch will support and promote as many Texas Nature Tourism options we can. We are approximately 4 hours from Austin, 3 hours from San Antonio and about an hour from either Ozona or Sonora,Tx.. Come visit and learn the history and cultural significance of Val Verde County, a working family ranch dedicated to the sheep ranching industry in a sparsley populated region of Texas. This Trans-Pecos zone is perhaps the most complex of all regions of the state. A land of desert and mountains, where the region's annual rainfall can be as little as eight inches.


Are you a newcomer to Texas, from a state with more public land access?

In 1844 Congress was considering the annexation of Texas with its 175 million acres and the Republics $10 million of debt. Congress did not believe the Republic of Texas was worth $10 million and therefor Texas entered the Union (December 1845) with both its debt and its unappropriated lands. This turned out to be important and links to less federally owned land and more privately (and state) owned land. Consider how other Western states like Nevada which has 81% federally owned land, or Utah whose land is 66% percent federally owned compared to Texas with less than 2% (98% privately owned or controlled by the state).


What is the Sonora Loop? & What is The Heart of Texas West Wildlife Trail Map?

AUSTIN – With the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s updated Great Texas Wildlife Trail driving maps, traveling on the wild side of Texas just got a whole lot easier. New maps and an interactive website mean there are even more opportunities to discover the best of Texas wildlife, including birds, butterflies, bats and more.

There are nine wildlife trails that invite nature lovers to visit different regions of Texas to view native wildlife. Highway signs mark more than 960 viewing sites, and the website and updated print maps include GPS coordinates to make it easy for travelers to find some of the best spots to view wildlife. The maps also list contact information, entry fees and operating hours for certain attractions along the trails.

The Heart of Texas West and Heart of Texas East driving guides are the most recently updated trail maps in the network. Other trails are: Far West Texas, Upper Texas Coast, Central Texas Coast, Lower Texas Coast, Panhandle Plains, Prairies and Pineywoods West and Prairies and Pineywoods East. Each trail includes several smaller trail loops, making for easy driving trips throughout Texas..

To view maps of all nine Great Texas Wildlife Trails or to purchase a printed map, visit Texas Parks and Wildlife or drop into the Ozona County Visitors Center off 1-10, Ozona,Tx..  

The new wildlife maps were made possible in part from the support of a number of sponsors, including Toyota, The Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation and the Wildlife Diversity Conservation License Plate Program.


The 'Sonora Loop' from The Heart of Texas West Wildlife Trail

  1. The Jarrett Juno Ranch
  2. Eaton Hill Nature Center
  3. Caverns of Sonora
  4. Twistflower Ranching
  5. X Bar Ranch
  6. Crockett County Interpretive Trail
  7. Escondido Draw Recreation Area
  8. Fort Lancaster Historic Site


Link to Birding on the JJR

Jarrett Juno Ranch Bird List

Link to Mountain Biking on the ranch

Link to Star Gazing on the ranch

Link to Photography on the ranch

Link to Hiking on the ranch

Link to options, what specific hobbies when at the JJR 

Link to Camping & RV options on the ranch

Link to Athletic Training, Conditioning options on the ranch

Link to Plants on the ranch

Link to more information on Sheep Ranching at JJR

Link to Javelinas on the JJR

Link to Non Poisonous Snakes on the ranch

Link to Outdoor Camp Fire & Outdoor Cooking

Link to more information when arriving in your vehicle

Link to Touring the ranch

Link to Texas & Extreme weather (road closures)

Link to Can you ID these tracks?

Link to Why hunt?

Link to Marksmanship & Archery on the ranch (rifle, shotgun, pistol, muzzle loader)

Link to more info for Canceled Hand Gun Permit & Gun Safety Class on the ranch

Link to Texas Law Prohibits Collecting Critters Along Roadside

Link to What is your ability to read the land?

Link to Full day, Half day, Single & Group Rate Visits to JJR

Link to Meal Plan

Link to what is not included during a trip

Link to Checklist and what to bring

Link to ideal clothing for various times of the year (sun, wind, heat, cold)

Link to the question of bringing your PET to the JJR

Link to Current Land Steward Award Winner(s)

Link to Spider Bites – what to do & what not to do...

Link to Snake Bites - what to do & what not to do... 

Link to Skunks – sprayed, now what?

Link to Porcupine Quills - now what?

Link to removing thorns, post removal treatment 



 Jarrett Juno Ranch actions towards wildlife management

 “Game can be restored by the creative use of the same tools which heretofore destroyed it – Axe,Plow,Cow,Fire, and Gun. Management is the purposeful and continuing alignment of these factors. The success of game management depends more on the exercise of skill...than on heavy investments of labor or material” - Aldo Leopold

Each year the JJR targets at least 3 of the following areas on the ranch

  1. Habitat Control to benefit native wildlife on the ranch.
  2. Erosion Control to keep erosion to a minimum for benefit of native wildlife
  3. Predator Control designed to manage predators when predator numbers become harmful to managed species.
  4. Providing supplemental water in addition to natural water sources.
  5. Providing supplemental food or nutrition in addition to that produced by the land.
  6. Conducting census counts, periodically taking surveys and inventories to determine the number, composition and other relevant information about the targeted wildlife population to see if the objectives of the management practices are being met.



Children and Nature

Programs in Texas for youth & kids! 

“Throughout history, kids have spent their development years in nature, playing or working. In our lifetime, that's going away. The disconnect can be traced all the way back to the Industrial Revolution. But this latest disengagement is different. It's the true replacement of real by virtual” - Richard Louv

T.Y.H.P. (Texas Youth Hunting Program)

L.A.N.D.S (Learning Across New Dimensions in Science)

Texas Brigades

W.I.L.D. (Wild Intensive Leadership Development)

Adult Workshop/Seminars

Wildlife Ambassador Training

Quail Masters

Explore Austin


Wildlife on the ranch

Armadillo, Badger, Mexican Free Tailed Bat, Bobcat, Eastern Cotton Tail, Coyote, White Tail Deer, Gray Fox, Red Fox, Jackrabbit, Javelina, Mountain Lion, White Footed Mouse, Possum, North American Porcupine, Northern Raccoon, Ringtail, Striped Skunk, Pole Cat, Rock Squirrel, Ground Squirrel, Bobwhite Quail, Blue Scaled Quail, Rio Grande Turkey, Aoudad / Barbary Sheep, western diamonback, Texas banded gecko, Texas coral snake, gray banded king snake, roadrunner, killdeer, Trans-Pecos copperhead, Tarantula, Scorpion, Hawks, Herons, occasional Golden & Bald Eagle


Other Destinations, Recreational, Educational “close by”

Seminole Canyon, Comstock,Tx.-Langtry,Tx.

Miers Home Museum, Sonora,Tx.

Whitehead Memorial Museum, Del Rio,Tx

Baker's Crossing on 163

Jude Roy Bean, Langtry, Tx.

Laughlin Air Force Base, Del Rio,Tx.

George Paul Memorial Rodeo, Del Rio,Tx.

Caverns of Sonora, Sonora,Tx.

Lake Amistad, Del Rio,Tx.

Dead Mans Pass historical marker on Hwy 163

Bon Fire Shelter

Beaver Lake

Devils River Bridge, Bakkers Crossing, Hwy 163

Pecos River Bridge off Hwy 90


More Destinations, Recreational, Educational in Texas

Marfa Lights, Marfa,Tx.

McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis,Tx.

Big Bend National Park

Chinati Hot Springs in the Chihuahuan Desert

Galloway White Shaman Preserve

Fort Lancaster State Historic Site

Crockett County Museum

Old Ice House Ranch Museum

Fort McKavett State Historic Site

Fort Davis Mountains

Palo Duro Canyon, Texas

Fort Bliss Museum

El Paso Museum of Art

Fort Bliss Museum

Y.O. Ranch

King Ranch

Selah (Bamburgers)

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

The Alamo

Balmorhea State Park

Fort Lancaster

Fort Concho National Historic Landmark

Brown Ranch, Hummer House Texas Gems in Christoval,Tx

Western Heritage Classic in Abilene

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (taste of African without leaving Texas)

Garner State Park, Uvalde, Tx.

Terlingua International Chili Cookoff

Natural Bridge Caverns

Caprock Canyons (Texas State Bison Herd)

Texas State Railroad State Historical Park in east Texas

San Jacinto Battleground, San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas State Historical Park

Matagorda Island State Park

Turkey Hallow

Healing Earth Medicine Guide based in Loredo,Tx. and around Webb County

Texas Air Museum at Stinson Municipal Airport

Bowen Ranch and Edge of Texas Steakhouse

Continental Rancher

Indian Cliff's Ranch and Cattleman's Steakhouse

K-Bar Ranch and Hunting Lodge

Kokernot 06 Ranch

McIvor Ranch

Red Rock Ranches

Rio Grande Valley Ranches

Woodward Ranch

Umphrey Family Ranches

Beaver Brook in upstate New York, 55 acres of tiny houses

Grand Canyon, Arizona

101 Ranch, Presidio & Brewster Counties

Rancho La Minita, La Salle County

Seven L Ranch, near Gulf of Mexico

Pierce Ranch, Wharton County

Morgan Ranch, Howard County

McKittrick Canyon

Guadalupe Peak

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Houston Rodeo

Texas Story Telling Festival, Denton,Tx.

Powderhorn Ranch, Calhoun County




  1. George Paul “Super Bull”, Del Rio,Tx.
  2. Sutton Outlaw Pro Rodeo
  3. Pecos (first Rodeo)
  4. Rock Springs, Tx.
  5. Angola Prison Rodeo in Louisiana


Communities – Towns – Cities

Juno,Tx., Ozona,Tx., Sonora,Tx., Del Rio,Tx., El Paso,Tx., Ft.Stockton,Tx., San Antonio,Tx., Austin,Tx., Marfa,Tx., Pecos,Tx., Odessa, Tx., Midland, Tx., Fort Davis, Tx., Abilene,Tx., Junction,Tx., Kerville, Tx., Fredericksburg,Tx., Harper,Tx., Stonewall,Tx. Comstock,Tx., Bracketville, Tx., Uvalde,Tx., Hondo,Tx., Castroville,Tx., Rock Springs, Tx., Gruene,Tx., Leaky,Tx., Presidio, Tx., Alpine,Tx., Marfa,Tx., El Dorado,Tx., Mertzon, Tx., Sterling City, Tx., Big Lake, Tx., Christoval,Tx., Sanderson,Tx., Luckenbach, Tx.


“Sunday Drives” in Texas

- HWY 163 between Comstock,Tx. & Ozona,Tx.

- RM 337 near Leakey gets you close to the Frio River

- along RM 187 & Texas 39 provides evidence of Texas that Hollywood sees

- from 39 West to Hunt,Tx.

- FM 1340 to Hunt,Tx.

- RM 187 to Vanderpool,Tx


Wild Flower Hot Spots in Texas
  1. Johnson City, Tx. - wildflower loop
  2. Burnet, Tx. - “BlueBonnet Capitol of Texas” During every second weekend of April, Burnet celebrates the blooming of the wildflowers with a Bluebonnett festivals
  3. Lampasas, Tx. -best place to find dusty or feathery paint brush is along Hwy 281 between Marble Falls and Lampasas
  4. Goldthwaite,Tx. - large gatherings for The Wildflower Tour during the spring
  5. Early, Tx.- located along the Texas wildflower trail
  6. San Saba, Tx. - something for everyone with diverse wildflowers and wildlife plus historic sites and numerous business
  7. Llano,Tx. - during month of April they have a Bluebonnet Trail and photo contest
  8. Brady, Tx. - great stands of bluebonnets along roadways around Brady
  9. Mason,Tx. - see the popular stone fences and stone houses while seeing the wildflowers


Outdoor Publications in Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas TourBook

Texas Highways

Texas Accommodations Guide

Texas Wildlife Association (through membership)

Texas Almanac

Texas Monthly can at times provide some articles relative to nature tourism, farming & ranching

Texas Co-oP Magazine 


Book Lists

Pecos River Rock Art, Collection of Photographs from Solveig A. Turpin & Jim Zintgraff

Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv

The Nature Principle, Richard Louv

The Time It Never Rained, Elmer Kelton plus numerous others by him

Bring'em Back Alive, Frank Buck

Goodbye To A River, John Graves

Adventure With A Texas Naturalist, Roy Bedicheck

The Great Plains, Walter Prescott Webb

Land Of Bears and Honey: Natural History of East Texas, Joe C. Truett & Daniel W. Lay

The Indians of Texas, W.W. Newcomb, Jr.

Prairie Time: A Blackland Portrait, Matt White

Trees of Texas: An Easy Guide To Leaf Identification, Carmine Stahl & Ria McElvaney

Texas Land Ethics, Pete A.Y. Gunter & Max Oelschlaeger

The Sportsman's Guide to Texas, Dick Bartlett & Joanne Krieger (edited by David Baxter)

Big Thicket Legacy, Campbell & Lynn Loughmiller

A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold

Texas, novel by James A. Michener

Trees, Shrubs, and Wood Vines of the Southwest, Robert A. Vines (drawings by Sarah Kahden Arendole)

The King Ranch, Tom Lea

Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold

Texas Rangers Indian Tales: Indian Depredation in Texas by John W. Wilbarger

Game Management, Aldo Leopold

Land Ethic, Aldo Leopold

A Natural State, Essays on Texas, Stephen Harrigan

Wildlife Stewardship and Recreation on Private Lands, Delwin E. Benson, Ross Shelton, Don W. Steinbach

Water From Stone-The Story of Selah Bamberger Ranch Reserve, Jeffrey Greene

Lambshead Legacy -The Ranch Diary of Watt R. Matthews, edited by Janet M. Neugebauer & Introduction by Frances Mayhugh Holden

Together We Stand Alone, Michael J. Bainton Phd.

Slash Ranch Hounds, Dub Evans

Kin, Cowboys, Outlaws & Friends – by T.J. Jarrett

One Ranger, Jackson & Wilkinson

Gun Dog, Richard A. Wolters

A Practical Guide to Producing and Harvesting White Tail Deer, Kroll

The Art & Science of Patterning Whitetails, Kroll & Whittington

Food Plots & Supplemental Feeding, Koerth and Kroll

Art & Science of Whitetail Hunting, by Horner

Producing Quality Whitetails, by Al Brothers

The Junction Boys: How Ten Days in Hell with Bear Bryant Forged a Championship Team, Jim Dent

The Captured: A True Story of Abduction by Indians on the Texas Frontier, by Scott Zesch

Working Dogs of Texas, by Henry Chappell and photos by Wyman Meinzer

Ecology And Management Of The Mourning Dove, A Wildlife Management Institute Book

The Lost Classics, by Robert Ruark

The Wild Turkey Biology & Management, by James G. Dickson

A Guide to and Culture of Flowering Plants and Their Seed Importance to BobWhite Quail, by Walter Rosene & John D. Freeman

First Shooting Light

Wild Abundance

Whistling Wings

Any of the books by Nash Buckingham (his shotgun Bo Whoop)

Mavericks: A Gallery of Texas Characters by Gene Fowler

Hummingbirds of Texas

The Movie Lover's Tour of Texas by Veva Vonler

Texas – Off the Beaten Path – A Guide to Unique Places


Movie Lists

“The Good The Bad The Ugly”


“Judge Roy Bean”


“The Alamo”

“Lonesome Dove” 

“Wild Cargo and Fang and Claw”

“No Country For Old Men”

"Tender Mercies"

"Friday Night Lights"

"The Last Picture Show"

"Urban Cowboy"

"High Noon"


"The Searchers"

"True Grit" - both versions



"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"

"The Magnificent Seven"

"Red River"

"The Wild Bunch"

"Rio Bravo"


"The Outlaw Josey Wales"

"The Assissination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"

"The Shootist"

"Young Guns" 



Rock Art on Lower Pecos – a cdrm


Quality Deer Management Association 800.209.3337

* Let Him Go So He Can Grow - is a 38 minute and part of the QDMA video series

* Quality Deer Management: Proven Techniques for Managing YOUR Deer Herd – 53 minute video containing a wealth of information from many of the nations top deer researchers & biologist

* Quality Deer Management: Enhancing Habitat on YOUR Hunting Lands – 30 minute video on food plot establishment, natural forage management, mineral supplements, and much more

The Art of Shooting Flying video by Bryan Bilinski & Tom Huggler covers Robert Churchill method of instinctive wingshooting.














www.texasarchitect.org – click 'The Shape of Texas” icon for a radio tour of architecture









TexasTimeTravel.com for Texas Heritage Trail Regions





Texas Bed and Breakfast Association








Authentic Texas Gifts and Business to shop

Pecans, Akers in Junction,Tx.

Texas Hatters – Lockhardt,Tx.

McBrides Guns – Austin,Tx.

Luchese Boot Company in San Antonio -

Don Yena, San Antonio artist (who also collects artifacts) – brings authenticity of the west to lifeguard

David Stewart and his business, Windwalker Primitive Weapons in Buda,Tx. (gunsmith, knife maker, wood carver, long bow creator, leather worker).

R.F. Ford (1944 – 2011) was an exceptional spur and bit maker. Research and see what you can find of his on the market today

Blue Agate Rocks & Gifts in Fort Davis from owner Donna Trammell

Marfa Book Company, Marfa,Tx.

Battlefield Texas: Republic of Texas Map, artist Chris Smith

1856 Texas Map Print

Any number of photograph prints published in Texas Highways by calling 866.962.1191 or visiting the web site for Texas Highways and clicking on 'prints'.

Rewards 800.292.0195 featuring over 400 silver and 14kt gold buckles

James Avery, Kerville,Tx. Specializing in silver jewerly for men & women

Western Wearhouse in multiple locations; San Marcos-San Anotonio-Dilley Texas

Serenity Knives from Russell Montgomery in Houston,Tx.

The Texas Boot Company, Bastrop,Tx.

Yeti Coolers, Austin,Tx


Dangerous plants and animals, the right foot wear

Our natural communities include animals and plants which may be harmful. Poisonous snakes include the broad banded and trans-Pecos copperheads; western diamond back, banded rock, and black-tailed rattlesnake; and Texas coral snake. Poisonous arthropods include the scorpion, wasps, and black widow and brown recluse spiders. Tarantulas are not considered dangerous to humans but can inflict painful bites when molested. Javelina (collared peccary) & Wild Pigs are potentially dangerous, especially when they have young. Unusual behavior from skunks and other smaller animals should be noticed (rabies) and our country has had mountain lions, bears.  Comfortable hiking boots that support your ankle are ideal.  Foot wear that protects from the thorns is also important.  Come prepared to walk over lose rocks!  

Jarrett Juno Ranch
Ph: 512.785.7968
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