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The ranch is as historically rich as it is biologically diverse


The Jarrett Juno Ranch dates from 1910, when Thad Jarrett moved from Valley Mills,Tx to Val Verde County with his wife, Irene Peters, and five­year­old son, Edward. He had no prior ranching experience. With support from his brother in law, Cart Mayfield and a friend, Lee Drisdale, Jarrett invested $700 in a small flock of sheep and joined the emerging sheep­ranching business in West Texas on land that he leased from Mayfield. To learn the basics of animal husbandry, he taught himself from agricultural journals and “Ag” textbooks. When he was financially able, Jarrett purchased the part of the Mayfield Ranch he had been leasing, subsequently adding acreage bought from a Mr. Franks. That portion of the ranch is still called “Franks Place.” Later, with his son Edward, he bought the River Ranch, fifteen miles north of Comstock.

The history of the nearby settlement at Juno, which for years was the center of the local ranching community of a dozen or so families, begins with the Edmundson family general store, built in the (Dry) Devils River canyon on the Old San Antonio ­ to ­ California road (now Texas Highway 163) some thirty miles north of Comstock. There, Henry Stein operated a café from which the town got its name. For when patrons inquired about the menu offerings (which usually consisted of frijole (Mexican style) beans, they were always told, “Ju’ know” – you know! A hotel and a land office were opened in the first quarter of the 20th century. And soon the community had telephone and stage service as well. The Cadena family ran the blacksmith shop, and George Deaton drove the stage. At its peak in 1964, th e town had a population of 80. The town had at least one business from 1931 until the last business closed in 1984. Today, Juno is a famous Texas ghost town!

Upon Thad Jarrett’s death in 1939, Edward continued the family ranching business. In 1932 he had married Violet Victoria Miers, the daughter of another Val Verde County rancher, Robert E. Lee “Bob” Miers. Their children, Cora Jane, T.J., and Lourene grew up and for a time were home­schooled on the ranch, enjoying as well their grandfather Miers’ Bar­U ranch on Highway 277 thirty miles north of Del Rio. Miers, a Val Verde County pioneer, had grown up in Sutton County (Sonora). After his father, sheep rancher Isaac Miers, was shot and killed in a water­dispute with a cattle­man, “Uncle Bob” and his brothers had to fend for themselves and for their mother. Homesteading and then eventually purchasing the Bar­U, Miers shared his long and successful life with his Jarrett grand­children. Rancher, banker� �(a founder and Board Chairman of The Del Rio Bank and Trust), and community leader, he was inducted into the Texas Heritage Hall of Honor at Dallas in 1994, along with a number of other pioneer entrepreneurs. Upon his death, his “Bar­U” ranch became part of the Edward and Violet Jarrett ranching operation.

Today the Jarrett Juno Ranch Partnership, LTD continues to be a working family ranch, managed by Cora Jane Jarrett Farmer and her husband, Norman Kittrell Farmer (a 6thgeneration Texan from a ranching family in nearby Kimble County) in partnership with their children, Lydia Lowry, Colin Farmer and Edward Farmer. In addition to game­ and range­ management in cooperation with Texas Parks and Wildlife, rifleas well as bowhunting (Aoudad, Deer, Turkey, Javelina, feral Hogs, predators, and game­birds), the JJR continues its long­standing sheep operation and offers exceptional opportunities for such Nature Tourism activities as Bird­watching (in the Rio Grande migratory flyway), Nature Photography, Star­gazing, and Nature­hiking.


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